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Vendor List - A Tropical Plant Fair 2021

Saturday, November 13th, 9 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday, November 14th, 9 am to 3:00 pm

Richardson Park 

1937 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Fl 33305

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atpf-2021-partner-platinum-soroa orchids.jpg

Soroa Orchids

Orchids, Herbs, & Tropicals

atpf-2021-partner-platinum-fort lauderdale landscaping company.jpg

Fort Lauderdale Landscaping Company

Landscaping & Plants

ATPF GOLD Partners




atpf-2021-partner-gold-jesse durko's nursery.jpg

Jesse Durko's Nursery

Anchor Nursery

atpf-2021-partner-gold-broward orchid supply.jpg

Broward Orchid Supply

Orchid Supplies

ATPF Silver Partners

atpf-2021-partner-silver-fort lauderdale orchid society.jpg

For Lauderdale Orchid Society

Native Orchids


South Florida Gay News

Florida's largest LGBT newspaper


1. Plant Holding
Store plants while you shop
2. Marlena Pariseau – Skylark Sales
Bonsai & Specialty Plants
3. Jim-n-I Orchids
5. Everything Coconut
Hats, Baskets, & More
6. John Goss Tropicals
Tropical Plants Gingers 
7. Kazumi Gardens
8. H&H Bamboo
Bamboo Plants & Tropicals
9. Elena Metzkes
Orchids & Hoya Plants
10. Rare Fruit and Vegetable Council
Fruit Trees
11. Florida Bloom
Orchids, Bromeliads, & Fruit trees
12. Wallack & Sons Landscape Mgmt.
Landscape Plants
13. Master Gardener
14. The Pot Potter
Painted Pottery
15. Joe Viscomi
16. JJC Woodworks Inc.
Wood Art
17. OF Orchids
Orchids in Flasks
18. Enchanted Garden Society
19. Greenhouse Orchids
20. Pop's Hoyas
21. Valkaria Gardens
Garden Plants
22. Zensations
Tropical Plants
24. Maria Montesdeoca
Orchids & Air Plants
25. Orchid Jewels
Bougainvillea, Butterfly Vines, & Air plants
26. David Bates
Florida Native Plants & Herbs
27. Hiko Bonsai
Bonsai Plants
28. Jesse Durko's Nursery
All types of Plants & Trees
29. Miss Bell's Garden
Tropical Plants 
30. Decorating Wilton Manors
Call for Volunteers
31. Mark Santee
Plants & Plant Supplies
32. Florida Orchid Society
Orchid Information
33. Lucky Bamboo 4 U
Carnivorous Plants
34. Claudia Hannah
Herbs & Dessert Roses
35. Lauderdale Aroid House
Rare Tropical Plants & Anthurium 
36. Bamboo Management
Orchids & Unusual Plants
37. Faux the Love of Art
Yard Art & Up-scale Decorations
38. Joseph Romboli
39. Milton Carp
Spirit Catchers
40. Lee Sky Spin Artist
Wooden Bowls & Vases
41. Anna and Lazio Boros
Cinnamon Rolls
42. Global Advance Products
CBD Products
43. Birds and Squirrels
Wildlife Supplies & Wind Chimes
44. Garden A La Carte
Spa Products & Edible Plants
46. Michalski Bromeliads & Nature's Tapestry
Plants and Jewelry
47. The Urban Beekeepers
Beehives, Tools, & Equipment
50. Soroa Orchids
Orchids, Herbs, & Tropicals
51. Equality Garden Club
Tropical Plants, Swag, & Information
52. Fort Lauderdale Landscaping
Landscaping Promotion
53. Broward Orchid Supply
Orchid growing supplies (Trailer in field)

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