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Volunteer Signups

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Volunteer Signups

Check out our latest volunteer opportunities

Island City Orchid Project 

Volunteer to help install Florida native orchids in Richardson Historic Park & Nature Preserve in Wilton Manors, FL, and possibly in other parks.  Sign up for future orchid installations - dates to be determined.

Butterfly Garden for Wilton Elementary School

Our garden club will be working with parents, grandparents, and students of the school to refresh their butterfly garden.  More details coming soon! 

Refreshment Committee  

Duties:  Arrive 6:00pm for the monthly meeting.  Set up food tables by arranging tables, table coverings, food display, plates, napkins, utensils, ice for drinks, garbage/recycling cans, etc.  Monitor food table during the social hour and after meeting (replenish snacks and drinks as necessary)  Clean-up at the end of the meeting.

Plant Raffle Committee  

Duties:  Arrive 6:00pm for the monthly meeting.  Set up and organize the Raffle Sales table near room entry.  Help to place the table covers on the plant tables, assist with the display of plants, and place plastic cups, for raffle tickets, in front of all plants.  Sell raffle tickets and take money.  Hand out 5 bonus tickets to each person donating one or more plants. Hand out 5 bonus tickets to each person bringing in a refreshment.  Make a head count of meeting attendees. Clean-up at the end of meeting.

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Tropical Plant Fair Committee 

Volunteers are needed both to help prepare for the event in advance, and to assist on the days of the event.  Setup will be Friday November 17, 2023 8am-5pm.  The Fair will be open to the public on Saturday November 18 from 9am-5pm, and Sunday November 18 and 19 from 9am-3pm.  Let us know what times you are available during those hours.


Newsletter, Website, and Social Media Committee

Our newsletter, website, and Facebook page are designed and updated online by our contracted service provider, Sara.  However, volunteers are needed to coordinate with Sara, to help research and prepare text for the monthly newsletter, and to monitor the website and Facebook page for needed updates and clean-up.  We would also like to receive submissions of articles to be considered for inclusion in the newsletter and website

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